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Upcoming Concerts

31.07.2024 Dublin CLARINETFEST®2024 of the International Clarinet Association, Presentation on the composers from the Catalan countries (Catalonia, Valencia, Balearic Islands) and their solo works for clarinet, Solo Recital
03.08.2024, 14 h, Dublin CLARINETFEST®2024
Sonata in Tango form by Bart Picqueur. Bob Spring (emeritus professor Arizona State University) + Ionas Mercadal, clarinet soloists; Clarbel Clarinet Choir, dir.: Bart Picqueur
14.02.2025 Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat + 16.02.2025 Teatre La Massa Vilassar de Dalt C. M. von Weber, Clarinet Concerto No. 2, Op. 74, Orquestra Simfònica Sant Cugat, Ionas Mercadal, clarinet


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